Quick, single-page websites for people who aren’t professional web designers.

This sound familiar?

You’ve got some valuable info – your résumé, your bio with socials, a list of helpful/interesting links on something – and you want to put that info on your own website. Today.

But building a website takes time. It’s a process. Lots of decisions to make. So, you haven’t gotten around to it yet, or maybe you tried a website-builder and published something looks kinda…off.

That’s a problem: site-builders expect you to become a web designer. They make you ‘choose a template’ and ‘customize it to fit your needs’ and select imagery and build pages and drag & drop and do a bunch of other web-designy things you might not want to bother with. You might just need a clear, simple web presence you can share with the world.

We’ve got you. A Soul Site is the fastest, easiest way to get your info on the web: you sign up, type a few sentences, add links, and save. That’s it. Website done. You don’t even need a computer; you can launch and edit a Soul Site with your phone.

And Soul Sites are free. You can buy extras to help you market yourself (connect a domain you own, list yourself in the Soul Sites directory), but consider your starting point a friendly hookup from us.

Ready to make your website? Start here. You’ll be launched in a few minutes.

Examples of Soul Sites

Bridget Willard is a social media manager, trainer, and copywriter specializing in WordPress products & services.

Arielle Alipio is a bookkeeper who helps young startups get their accounting and expenses organized from the get-go.

H.S. Cross is a novelist and the author of Grievous and Wilberforce.

Ginger Soul is the redhead-owned, Toronto-based web studio that created Soul Sites (and Downbeat).

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