Our Policies

Refund Policy

Soul Sites are a consumable product. Once you’ve launched your site, you’ve used it. That’s why all sales and charges are final. To avoid new charges, you can cancel a subscription anytime before its next renewal date.

Acceptable Use Policy

When you launch a Soul Site, you agree to the following guidelines. You also accept that violation of any of these guidelines may result in the immediate deletion of your Soul Site, and cancellation of your subscription with no refund. We reserve the right to amend these guidelines in the future.

If you have a question about whether something is above board, please email us.

We ask that you do not:

  • use your a Soul Site for a false, fraudulent, or deceptive activity
  • engage in misleading or unethical marketing or advertising
  • impersonate another person, company, or entity
  • infringe on anyone’s copyright, trademark, or intellectual property rights
  • pay us using unauthorized credit cards, debit cards, or payment devices
  • violate anyone’s privacy or publicity rights
  • threaten, harass, or abuse anyone, or incite violence
  • publish links to sexually explicit or obscene material
  • condone or promote violence against any person or group based on race, ethnicity,
  • nationality, religion, gender, gender identity, sexual preference, age, or disability
  • violate any laws, including those related to online conduct and acceptable content
  • condone or promote self-harm
  • resell a Soul Site

Contact us by email if you have questions about either of the policies described above.